Voip One Click

Voip One Click

Make free encrypted VOIP calls.

Voip One Click is an application allows you to make secure encrypted phone calls all over the world over any Network. It does use the TLS protocol to encrypt the signals communication (caller id /called id for example), and the SRTP protocol to encrypt the audio communication. VoipOneClick allows to make mobile voice calls that cannot be intercepted. Make Secure Encrypted Cell Phone Calls Over 3G, 4G and WiFi Networks. The application will be ready to be used just after the download without any configuration or registration of personal data. To make encrypted calls both parties should use VoipOneClick but you can make calls with improved privacy even to normal phone numbers.

Voip One click not only allows you to make normal Voip calls as can do Skype or Viber, VoiP One Click allows you to make secure encrypted phone calls!

Voip One Click is for business man who have employees all over the world, for families who call their distant relatives, and for the military, is for all those who want to communicate Sure!

Voip One Click


Voip One Click 3.5.2

— User reviews — about Voip One Click

  • lauragallorini

    by lauragallorini

    "The best voip"

    The best voip service! I'm using it for calling all around the world for free. More.

    reviewed on March 27, 2016

  • shuani

    by shuani

    "Good servce"

    is a really good encrypted voip, and is free! :) I found it in my app Vpn one click. More.

    reviewed on December 2, 2012

  • Mike2124

    by Mike2124

    "Good working!"

    The best VoIP I tried! it works great and the voice quality is exceptional. The rates are cheaper then SKYPE! It's very ... More.

    reviewed on October 3, 2012